Ed is a great people person with an excellent sense of customer relations and service.  He and his crew do what it takes to get the job done creatively and precisely.  Great guy to work with.  Don’t pass up the opportunity!

Julie Selle | Sales & Design at Lloyd’s Cabinet Shop


I want to take this time to let you know that I was impressed with the workmanship of the parts you produced on my recent Carbide Cutoff Saw Design.

The parts were delivered in a timely fashion, which helped me meet the assembly schedule my customer demanded.  It’s good to keep my customer satisfied, and I cold have not accomplished this without your help.  Thanks again, and I plan on using your services in the future.

Jeffrey A. Jump | President Machine Design & Engineering Inc.


As a first year student, the E & D 1218 Thermoformers were my first glimpse into the world of thermoforming and plastics manufacturing. The 1218 provided me with a better understanding of the mechanical and physical properties of the material as well as the thermoforming manufacturing process. Using the E & D 1218 Thermoformer helped me to better understand the entire thermoforming process, including plug assistance, from beginning to end.

Roger Wormack | MMCC Plastics Engineering Tech Student


I have worked in and around the plastics industry for some time and the E & D 1218 Thermoformer is great machine. In addition to the open viewing area to monitor the process, the 1218 control systems allows for easy process changes to maximize quality and efficiency.

Kris Dickenson | MMCC Plastics Engineering Tech Student


As an instructor, the E & D 1218 Thermoformer manufactured by E & D Engineering Systems provided me with a machine that is not only industry quality, but also gives me the capabilities to show the students the effects that heat & time have on a plastics manufacturing process. The grated viewing area allows students to see exactly what happens with the plastic sheets during the heating phase of the process. This feature is beneficial as it gives me the opportunity to apply the theories we learn in the classroom to a manufacturing setting. Students can also learn how important it is for proper orientation, heating time, temperature, and sheet thickness can have on a finished product.

The overall capabilities for a compact, yet production ready, machine is most impactful for me and my students. The transferable knowledge of processing from the control system to larger machines is incredible. Students are able to diagnose problems, explore new methods and perfect a cycle prior to transferring that information and data to larger, more complex control systems. Whether we are processing a product that requires a plug assist or doing a deep draw on a thin gauge material, students get the knowledge, skills, abilities and experience that can they can take with them as they pursue their careers.

I would recommend the 1218 Thermoformer to any school or program that is looking for a reliable, compact, industry capable plastics processing machine.

Steven Fosgard | Occupational Studies & Plastics Instructor – Mid Michigan Community College


E & D Engineering Systems is a fantastic company to work with. Mr. and Mrs. Wark have helped us in so many ways. They are so supportive in both their willingness to guide us, have open dialog about our futures and as important – made it possible for us to manufacture products on a machine designed and built for both education and industry. In a matter of minutes, as a students with no previous understanding or experience in the plastics field, we were able to see up close and personal what happens from loading the sheet through finished product. The E & D 1218 Thermoformer helped us to take theory to reality.

Morgan Arnold & Katie Money | MMCC Plastics Engineering Tech Students


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